An Insider's SECRETS to Saving $$$ Eating Out
By Staff writer, Eat Out Pay Less
Thursday, May 25, 2017

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I have a confession to make…my wife and I hate to cook. Just hate it. But eating out can be really expensive, right? Well, not necessarily. The real secrets to eating out affordably are really simple once someone actually shares them with you. The first and most important rule is to make sure you have a coupon. So when we discovered the website Eat Out, Pay Less, we were like "Thank God! Now we can finally justify our habit!" This website helps you find restaurant coupons to all of your favorite places that you eat at each week, which is awesome because let's face it, who wants a coupon to some fancy restaurant that you'll never go to anyways?

Here's some other secrets that will also help you when eating out…Portion control: most entrees are so large these days that sharing makes a lot of sense and usually will be enough to satisfy both you and your mate! Drink water: not only is it better for you, but you'll be saving a ton by not falling for the absolute highest margin item that a restaurant can serve. Why pay as much as $3.00 for a soft drink that costs the restaurant about $.25? But remember, the #1 secret to saving money: USE COUPONS because you can get some huge savings by using them.

Keep these secrets in mind the next time you're in the mood to be wined and dined.


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    • Why Eat Out Pay Less?

    Eat Out Pay Less has the most updated information on free coupon offers

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    The internet offers many great free coupons to restaurants you know and love

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    Eat Out Pay Less offers free coupons to local resturants in your area!

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